Donating to the Young and Brave Foundation located in Ventura CA

Courage lives in young hearts, in tiny fists raised in triumphant, screams boldly into the dark. They know all we’ve forgotten about bravery
— Tyler Knott Gregson

Before I started this business, I kept trying to find the time and the energy to give back to my community in one way, shape or form. I found myself swamped on weekends with the kids, sports, moving to a new coast, and just trying to catch up on the 8 loads of laundry sitting in my basement. I realize right now in my life, volunteering hand and foot my time is hard and what I can do is commit my money. I wanted to create a business that gave back to two areas - to the military for all their sacrifice, service and loyalty and to the community I'm living in.

Paths crossed and through friends, I found out about The Young and Brave Foundation. They solidly stand by young hearts and their families, while in their darkest days. Not only do they provide a platform for people to support each cancer warrior, but they provide cancer education, emotional outreach, and a family to lean on. 

This is a perfect fit for me. Each time I photograph a birth, a newborn, a young growing family, I'm reminded that yes I'm healthy, these beautiful children are healthy and we are all so blessed, however, there are many young families that are struggling. With each session, a donation from one growing, happy family to another burdened with cancer is a connection, a way to give back in this community, and above all, a way to make life a little less painful for each Young and Brave warrior. This is why I'm standing with them.

 Their mission statement says it all: "The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to helping today’s youth beat cancer.  Built on the foundation of LOVE we exist to inspire, encourage, inform, as well as to invest directly into treatment and recovery. We do so through networking, individual fundraising drives, community building, and financial support. Our one goal is to fight cancer along side those that shouldn’t fight alone.

Cancer affects nearly everyone these days but those under the age of 30 are the unexpected ones. That’s who we are built for. Cancer is going to be the fight of any one’s young life. We know this and we are here to help. You don’t ever prepare for cancer so from day one we are a resource. Whether it through fundraising, advocacy, alternative medicines or just being there to listen, we are here to fight with you! Something as simple as a starting point, a push in the right direction or a simple phone call to the right person are all things that we can provide.

Creating a community of fighters, survivors and activists unified to beat cancer is our destination. We believe in you, we believe in LOVE and we believe in your right to fight like hell!"

 With each session, I will donate 5% of the session fee directly to The Young and Brave in your honor.  If you would like to learn more about this foundation, fundraising events, and how you can help, go to