Unposed, documentary, lifestyle, authentic, genuine, real, unposed and RAW. Family photojournalism is your life with YOU in the pictures. Not everyone wants their everyday guarenteed to-make-you-cry-happy tears moments documented, but if you treasure those memories, let’s chat!
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childhood Session 

Let me explain how this works. You hire me to photograph your regular parenthood life- either at your home or at a park or even the beach-telling your story with YOU in the pictures! OR too shy? Capture their childhood before it fades. Maybe you have a newborn, a new puppy, gma and gpa visiting? We set a time, date and location, you don't clean your house and you put something comfortable on. I show up, most likely a chai tea in hand, cameras charged and ready to shoot. One phrase you will not here in this session is "Look at me" or "Smile". This my bread and butter. I love capturing the tender moments of your newborn adjusting to new surroundings, your toddler picking their nose or your family whipping up cookies together. No outfit matching, no posing. I'll follow you outside to watch your family play at a nearby park or we can meet at the beach! The emotion in these images are genuine; preserved from the tiny moments of helping your 1st grader tie their shoes, blowing bubbles with your toddler, riding their bike for the first time or snuggling up on the couch with a book. Fly on the wall.  




truly what something is said to be; authentic