Family session faq 

How would you describe your style?

I appreciate authentic, genuine images that are not forced. Of course, I'll grab those few lightly posed shots of the whole family helping you get into place and then encourage interaction and real expressions from there: but often, I'll keep shooting and get the best shots without anyone looking at the camera.  I seek those moments that make me FEEL something, photographs that evoke emotion.  I often shoot during the golden hour before sunset, therefore my images have warm, soft light to them. I like action shots, especially when kids are involved! A twirl here, throwing leaves, running to hug mom, blowing bubbles all work for me.  My style is very laid back and comical, I'm not a huge fan of statues, perfectly posed people, I'd rather make you laugh.  At our initial consultation, please let me know any ideas for the session or "must get" shots and the last 15 minutes will be for fun.  Besides stunning family photographs, I want each family to come away with a fun, positive experience that your children will want to do again. 

What happens if it the weather is bad on our scheduled session date?

There is no fee for rescheduling because of weather. I will keep in contact with you prior to the session to confirm our appointment time and location. I have had clients keep their appointments no matter the overcast skies and the images turned out amazing- just a different mood and background. Some locations, such as the Ventura pier, can have a very positive affect on images during stormy, overcast conditions. Of course, if if rain is predicted, we'll find another date.

What if my kids don’t cooperate?

I love getting to know my client's children, whether they are shy, silly, stubborn, or in the middle of their terrible threes. I approach each session as a new friend who’s just there to play and have a good time. Honestly, I'm a mom and find that I have a lot of patience for kids other than my own- therefore, I will do whatever I can to bring smiles, less tears, and a playful, laid back situation. I have been there before in all stages of raising kids and realize not all toddlers or babies want to stay still for longer than 20 seconds for the perfect shot- I get it!  Please feel free to bring any form of bribery, whether that's goldfish, M&M's or a cool toy they will love. We'll work together to get some amazing images. My end goal is to capture the personalities of your kids in front of my lens, including all of the beautiful quirks, messy details, and small moments that make up childhood. 

Can we do a home session even if our house is tiny, dark or messy?

YES!!! I’ve worked in many of my clients’ homes, and I’ve never found one that didn’t work. There is always a beautiful little patch of light that’s perfect for indoor photography! Living in California, we also have the advantage of using any outdoor space you have. If it’s home to your family, that’s all I need to work with! And PLEASE don’t worry about the mess — nothing fazes me! If needed, I’ll help you move furniture/clutter around as we go. If I could, I wish I could photograph each of my families for a few hours at their home, just their day to day life. 

What should I wear for my photos?

It really depends on our location, your style, and the location of where you think the photos may go on your walls (I know, this might require actually planning on a great spot in your house for a new family photo and what the wall color is). There are hundreds of links and Pinterest ideas that can get you started, however, here are a few tips.

  1. Let your personalities shine! Its so important that people don't stick to the traditional idea that everyone must wear the same color. Just like your family, what everyone wears should be diverse but cohesive. You can find coordinating colors that you can add in a layer of pop or color.

  2. Know the location! Please don't be wearing bright green when we're shooting at the park. Think about the surroundings and make sure you'll be comfortable, maybe not the stilettos at the beach. Neutrals and blues work fantastic for the beach.

  3. If we're at the beach, bring back-up clothes for your children, if you intend to shoot near the water. Layers are always appreciated at the beach because it can be colder and windy.

  4. White is not the only neutral! Tans and creams. Men wearing a light blue oxford and a woman in a blush dress is still neutral. You can try spicing up your neutrals with other textures, patterns and accessories.

Can I bring my mom/boyfriend/other family member/dog along for a couple of pictures?

YES, of course! I love it when my clients bring along a “laugh buddy,” and it’s always fun to grab an extra photo of the two of you together! If you plan on having a larger extended or multiple families together, there is a $30 fee for more than 8 family members. 

You’re also welcome to bring pets! I am a huge animal lover.  I'll let you know if the location does not allow animals.