home newborn sessions faq 

what type of images does your newborn sessions include?

My newborn sessions at your home will include two styles of photography: a few posed photographs of your hopefully sleeping newborn using swaddles, blankets and a few accessories and more unposed documentary style photographs of your newborn with siblings, parents, and his/her surroundings.

Your story can be told with you in the pictures, photojournalism style! This is my favorite kind-of storytelling- the beginning of a new family. Genuine, authentic, real, and raw. Examples of these scenes might include your newborn in their crib, giving him/her a bath, a curious sibling watching over while they sleep, or reading your newborn a book. 

When do we book?

It is recommended that you schedule your session before giving birth, this allows us to talk about your vision for the session, color themes, style and reserves you a spot in my schedule. Please feel free to correspond via email or phone with any questions while you are pregnant. If this is a last minute idea, please let me know and I will check my calendar. 

When do you shoot the session?

Newborn sessions should be scheduled between 5-14 days after birth, with the most optimal time being 7-10 days. After 14 days, your newborn starts to sleep less, cry more, stretch more and grow- making your baby a bit harder to calm. If you would like barely any posed photographs, you we can photography anytime in the first 30 days to capture all the littleness!

Where do you shoot? 

Your home! Do not worry about cleaning your house. I will find several spots in your home with the best natural light to take some "posed" pictures and the other unposed images can be with you, siblings, or simply your newborn in their crib or nursery. I used to offer studio sessions in my home, however, I've decided the most caring and loving photographs are shot at clients homes, where the story begins and where your newborn lives.  I will bring swaddles, a few blankets, baskets, accessories, light reflector and a newborn photography bean bag. 

how long does the session last?

Each baby is different and each session is different. Newborn session times range between 1.5-3 hours depending on how sleepy, calm and patient your newborn is. Sometimes the sessions can go very smoothly from one transition to the next and other times, your newborn needs a little more calming and soothing. During the session, there will be a point when your newborn or sibling or partner may be fussy and hungry - this is NORMAL. We will take a little break for some much needed soothing and eating and start again when they are ready. Sessions with siblings can also take a little more time.

When should I feed my baby before the session?

Please feed your newborn about 20 minutes before I arrive at your home.  The milk drunk state is what we are looking for and we will always allow more time for feeding, cuddling and diaper changes throughout the shoot. 

20190218 zain NB-23.jpg

What is your newborn photography style?

Full of light. Natural. Focused on your newborn. I love getting your newborn comfortable on their back swaddled first and then snapping those first precious shots hopefully while she/he is dreaming off to sleep, then we go from there. I get up-close shots of their little eye lashes, their tiny nose, and their face. I'll try to move from one pose, setup/scene fluidly while still getting a variety of shots. My props, blankets, swaddles and newborn outfits are all natural colors- whites, grays, creams, browns, pinks, purples, light blues, darker blues and greens. As stated above, I believe in photographing, thus documenting for you, what your newborn does- holds their hands close to their face, yawns, wakes, or stretches. After a few posed setups, I'll move to a more documentary style with your newborn, your family, and their new home. We can photograph a few in their room, with siblings on your couch or even you hanging on your bed.


All attention during your newborns session will be on safety. You may have seen some newborn photographs in the froggy pose or hanging from a tree in a swaddle, however, I feel that style is not my true intention.  I believe in natural photography, not super staged. I will take every precaution to make sure you and your newborn are comfortable and safe and that we still get amazing shots.