newborn session faq for parents

When do we book?

It is recommended that you schedule your session before giving birth, this allows us to talk about location, color themes, style and reserves you a spot in my schedule. Please feel free to correspond via email or phone with any questions while you are pregnant. If this is a last minute idea, please let me know and I will check my calendar. 

When do you shoot the session?

Newborn sessions should be scheduled between 3-14 days after birth, with the most optimal time being 3-7 days. After 14 days, your newborn starts to sleep less, cry more, stretch more and grow- making your baby a bit harder to calm and fit in my available baskets and props. I have photographed babies as old as 28 days, so please know that we can make it work; however it will be more difficult to get the sleepy, dreamy poses.

Where do you shoot? 

Two choices. I can come to you for an additional fee or you can come to me. At my home, you'll have the ability to choose the colors of blankets used, the tiny headbands, the swaddles, and my newborn "studio" setup which involves a newborn posing beanbag and background blanket holder. You can also put your feet up and relax with a cup of tea while I do all the work.

If its easier for me to come to you - done! I will find a spot in your home with the best natural light and take about 30 minutes to setup the shoot. I will bring color schemes that we have talked about, however it is not possible to bring my whole inventory of baskets, props, swaddles to your home. My colors generally represent colors reflected in nature.  Its not pleasant to see hot pink and leopard stripes on a newborn. I will also bring a small heater to make sure the room we are working in is nice and toasty for your newborn.

how long does the session last?

Each baby is different and each session is different. Session times range between 1.5-3+ hours depending on how sleepy, calm and patient your newborn is. Sometimes the sessions can go very smoothly from one transition to the next and other times, your newborn needs a little more calming and soothing. During the session, there will be a point when your newborn may be fussy and hungry - this is NORMAL. We will take a little break for some much needed soothing and eating and start again when they are ready. 


When should I feed baby before the session?

Please feed your newborn about 20 minutes before I arrive at your home or at my home when I am setting up for you. If you live close in Camarillo, you can feed at your home and head over as soon as your are done. The milk drunk state is what we are shooting for and we will always allow more time for feeding, cuddling and diaper changes throughout the shoot. 

what if my baby is fussy during the session? What if he/she does not fall asleep?

Please do not worry about this issue, all babies are fussy from time to time. I will work as hard as I can with various soothing methods to calm your newborn. We can take breaks, warm her/him back up, swaddle them, unswaddle, whatever your newborn needs to be comfortable. I will have ocean/white noise playing on my phone and a portable heater to make your newborn feel like they are back in the womb! If your newborn is just happy to be up and will not go to sleep no matter what we try, then I will still get some amazing shots with their eyes open. In fact, I try to take shots during every newborn session with the babies eyes open and most of the time the parents choose those for their announcement! So have faith that whatever beautiful state your newborn is in - that we will capture her/him just as they are- awesome and new to the world! 

What do we need to bring to the session or have ready at our home?

Please bring anything from your diaper bag you might need to change your newborn multiple times, a pacifier if your newborn takes one (this can help immensely, but do not worry if he/she does not take one), any quilts, blankets, headbands, or hats you might have bought for the session or items your extended family members gave you for your new arrival. We all have an Auntie that quilts, right? Please bring any onesies, outfits or dresses you would like to use. I will have a variety of diaper covers, swaddles, bonnets, headbands, and even bowtie for us to use.

What if my newborn pees or poops on your blankets?

Don't fret! This is totally normal and happens all the time. I always wash my blankets and swaddles after the session. You can have wipes on hand and I'll have some clean up products as well, so don't stress! 

Can I send you Pintrest pictures and pose suggestions? 

Of course you can send me idea images or poses you would like to try. Please know that while I do enjoy "posing" your newborn, sometimes your little one does not want to be scrunched or pushed into a certain position and I am not willing to make your newborn uncomfortable getting that exact pose. My style comes from a more natural view that allows me to work with your newborn as she/he wants to and is not forced. Some poses are easier than others to accomplish in a session and there are others I find unsafe to try (more below). If you are a die-hard, need a froggy pose, then I'm not your photographer ;) Come back to me for your 6 months and 1 year cake smash!


What is your newborn photography style?

I love getting your newborn comfortable on their back swaddled first and then snapping those first precious shots hopefully while she/he is dreaming off to sleep, then we go from there. I get up-close shots of their little eye lashes, their tiny nose, and their face. I'll try to move from one pose, setup/scene fluidly while still getting a variety of shots. My props, blankets,swaddles and newborn outfits are all natural colors- whites, grays, creams, browns, pinks, purples, light blues, darker blues and greens. As stated above, I believe in photographing, thus documenting for you, what your newborn does- holds their hands close to their face, yawns, wakes


All attention during your newborns session will be on safety. You may have seen some newborn photographs in the froggy pose or hanging from a tree in a swaddle, however, I feel that style is not my true intention. In order to get those photographs, assistants are used to hold the newborns head up, then the finger/hand is removed in post production editing. I believe in natural photography, not super staged. I will not have your newborn in a hammock, casually draped like they might be ready to fall any second. I will take every precaution to make sure you and your newborn are comfortable and safe and that we still get amazing shots.